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    What does Launder do?

    Launder App offers high quality,affordable on-demand dry cleaning and laundry services in Riyadh throughout an easy 3-step- process. All you have to do is place an order, we pick up your clothes for free and deliver it right back to you the very next day. Yes! Free delivery from/to the same location or different locations.


    How do I sign up?

    In order to get Launder's dry cleaning and laundry services, just create an account via web at www.getlaunder.com, or just download our application for Android. Now sit back and let Launder do the rest for you!


    Is Launder available in Riyadh only?

    Launder for dry cleaning & laundry services is available at Riyadh only just for the time being.


    How do I schedule a pickup or drop off?

    It is super simple! Click Order Now and select the desired pickup and drop off time. Just make sure to place your order a day before the pickup time between 6 pm-12 a.m .You no longer need to look for a near laundromat or laundry shop, for Mr.Launder will show up at your door step with our very special reusable and washable laundry bag.


    How do I change my order time?

    Need to change either pick up or drop off time? No problem! Just send us an email via happiness@getlaunder.com inorder to reschedule them.


    Can I have Launder come the same time every few weeks?

    Yes, you can! All you have to do is email happiness@getlaunder.com or inform Mr. Launder of the day and time arrangements inorder to have a fixed day of picking up and dropping off your laundred or dry cleaned items.


    What if Mr.Launder is running behind schedule?

    We do our best to honor the time you selected,and we assure you that our professional Mr.Launder values your time. However, unexpected delays such as car trouble or traffic jam may encounter us. So, if Mr. Launder is running behind scheduel, let us know and we'll gladly reschedule your order.


    What should I do if i’m having technical/app issues?

    We do our best to improve the application constantly. However, in case you faced any technical issues, feel free to email our Customer Support Center via Support@getlaunder.com


    How do I contact support?

    Have any questions, notes about Launder's services or even compliments? Contact us via Support@getlaunder.com




    Do I need to separate my clothes?

    It depends on your order. We highly recommend that you separate the items that need to be laundered or dry cleaned from clean items that just need ironing.


    What about my special preferences?

    Of course, you can share with us your special preferences! Feel free to share your notes and preferences with Mr.Launder or Customer Service once your order is confirmed.


    Can you pick up/drop off my dry cleaning even if I’m not at home?

    Yes, we can. Please meake sure to make the arrangement with Mr. Launder beforhand inorder to guarantee the safety of your belongings.


    What should I expect once my first order has been placed?

    You placed an order and selected the pickup/drop off time? You shall recive confirming messages before Mr. Launder arrvies with a little gift to get the job done for you. Now sit back and enjoy your day!




    How do I pay? How am I billed?

    You can pay in cash or by credit card. Whatever suits you better!


    Is there an order minimum?

    There is no order minimum for our services. Now what are you waiting for! Go ahead and place your first order.


    Is there a delivery fee?

    Because each person has their very own needs and preferences, Launder presents to you three services to choose the best from. Check out  launder  new Packages here


    How much does Launder cost?

    Launder's prices are affordable. Please see our pricing list for each item( suit,shirt, trousers, dress, Abaya, etc.)

    click here


    How can I view my order history?

    Just sign into your account via web or app and select "My Orders" to preview previous and current orders.


    Should I tip Mr.Launder?

    No need to tip him. We take care of our Mr. launder, but feel free to share with us your applause!


    What if I miss my pickup?

    No worries for we will confrim your delivery time every time before showing up at your door step.



    What are Launder new packages?

    Launder is now back with three packages especially tailored for your needs and wishes.

    Lite Service:

    Our Lite service works best for those who have a steady flow of laundry and some extra time. This service enables you to select 2 hour pick up and delivery slots that fit to your schedule. This allows us to drop off your garments after being laundered or dry cleaned within 48 hours along with free delivery.

    Pro Service:

    Are you a little in a hurry and looking for your clothes to be returned to you within 24 hours? Launder's got this one for you so that you could choose 60 minute pick up and delivery slots. 24 hours later, you'll have your laundered or dry cleaned items delivered at your door step for only 15 Saudi Riyal.

    Express Service:

    You are really in hurry and looking for your stuff to be returned back to you as soon as possible, aren'tyou? We've got your back! After choosing 30 minutes only pick up and delivery slots, your clothes, either laundered or dry cleaned, shall be at your door step within only six hours for 30 Saudi Riyals.



    How can I get it?

    Are you interested in one?

    Feeling like letting go all that every once and a while laundry time?

    Here's what you need to do in order to get a monthly subsciption:

    1. You may simply select the option "Monthly subscription" while browsing our website or the application now available for android. Then select the preferred monthly pick up/ drop off time.
    2. Email happiness@getlaunder.com to recive a form to fill and have an official monthly subscription.
    3. Just inform Mr. launder to get started with procedures and have a super comforting monthly supscription to Launder services.




    What is Dry Cleaning and how will I know if an item is meant to be dry cleaned?

    Dry cleaning refers to a cleaning process involving chemical solvents instead of water. Delicate fabrics,like silk or wool, should be approached by this method. We highly recommend that you follow the care instructions on your garment.


    Ok, so then what is laundering?

    Laundering is the process of washing, steam pressing and then hanging your garments to be delivered to you the very next day.


    What can I dry clean, and what I can't?

    We highly recommend that you follow the care instructions on your garment's label. If the label reads "Dry clean only", then it's better to be processed accordingly. In case you are having trouble deciding whether to dry clean an item or launder it, no need to worry cause Launder know how to handle it!


    Do you clean carpets?

    Yes, we offer a special carpet cleaning service. However, it can be a bit difficult to offer our services to carpets with greater size.




    What do I do if I’m having account issues or forgot my password?

    Forgot your password? Email our Customer Support Center via Support@getlaunder.com and an immediate help shall be offered.




    How can I become Mr.Launder?

    Super easy! Just contact Launder customer service and start with your application.


    What are the requirements?

    A happy, serious, passionate guy with a clean car and a driving license is all that it takes to join Launder family.



    Have any question, suggestion or in need for help?


    Feel free to contact us via Support@getlaunder.com

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